Do Nike Shoes Have a Lifetime Warranty? – Know The Answer

Nike is a famous brand for its footwear, sports apparel and gears all over the world. But often I come across people who ask about the return and warranty process for the same. Being an avid shopper of Nike’s shoes, I thought of sharing this blog to help you understand the warranty period, return and refund procedure for Nike. And to make it easy and quick, I am going to answer frequently asked questions one by one for a better understanding.

Do Nike Shoes Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, all the Nike shoes you buy come with a warranty. You purchase footwear from their official website, stores, or even certified retailers and still avail this warranty on their products.

What does this warranty cover?

 Although the timeline of warranty differs for different products and gears, the company generally offers a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all their footwear. Nike has mentioned that the company will accept the product back if you come across any flaws in the product after purchasing it.

You can find the details of the manufacturing date on the tag given on the sides of the shoes itself. There are generally two dates given on the product, but you have to look at the date of manufacturing to know if your footwear is in the warranty period. The brand stands by the customers who genuinely want to return flawed products.

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How can you return the product and get a refund?

So the official website of Nike says that one can easily return the product used or not within the 30 days of purchase. Returning the faulty products in this time frame is acceptable and you can also ask for a refund. If you purchased it online, then you can mail or call them. And if you have purchased the shoes from stores, then you can take it back to the store and ask for a refund.

What if it has been more than 30 days from the day of purchase?

As mentioned, Nike does offer a two-year warranty on its footwear and gears, so if it has been more than 30 days but less than two years from the date of purchase, you can still return it. Sometimes a pair can develop a flaw after wearing it a couple of times, and hence you will be glad to know that you can return it. For returning it online, contact the brand, And for in-store purchases, visit the store and return the pair along with claiming the refund.


Can one ask for an exchange instead of a refund?

Yes, one can definitely ask for exchange or replacement if you want the same product. This can be done by contacting the company and telling them the reason for the same. You can also go to the stores and ask them about the same. 

Concluding Remarks

Nike has mentioned its return and refund policy online so you can refer the same for getting a complete idea. However, I would suggest not to exploit this policy and only return the product if it is flawed or defective. The company has its definition of faulty and hence can reject your request if your claim is vague. 

Also, the company will not accept returns if your shoes have developed flaws due to wear and tear. So make sure to talk to the store manager and go through the policies before asking for a refund. Generally, Nike is known for its lasting and stylish footwear, but it will be safe to refer to warranty cards, name tags, etc to be on a safer side. 


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