Cole Haan vs Allen Edmonds – Choose the Superior Quality Product

Choosing the right brand for investing your hard-earned money is crucial. As it makes the investment worth the bucks and also gives you a feeling of satisfaction. It is often said that shoes are the first thing a stranger or any person notices when you meet them for the first time. And hence shoes are an essential accessory for everyone. A good pair of shoes should be both comfortable and well-made. When it comes to men’s footwear, two brands often draw attention, namely Cole Haan and Allen Edmonds. No two brands are similar and hence there are differences between these shoe brands as well. But when it comes to which one is better, then I would suggest you read this blog and find out the answer. 

Before checking out the differences and conclusion, let us go through a little brief about each brand.

Cole Haan

cole haan

This brand is a known global name in the category of both men’s and women’s footwear. The company was founded in 1928 by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan in Chicago. The brand used to be known for its men’s footwear, but it started branching by offering women footwear, accessories, handbags, sunglasses, belts and more. Cole Haan has its own history when it comes to men’s footwear and has introduced several designs that became quickly popular among men. Due to its unique collection and history, it became one of the leading footwear companies in the US.

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds started gaining popularity after the brand began providing shoes to the US army and navy during World War II. The company was started as a shoe manufacturing and retail company in Port Washington. It was further established in Belgium, Wisconsin in 1922. The brand has maintained a vast and signature collection of its leather shoes for men. 

Now that we have a general idea about both the brands, let’s look at their differences and decide which one is better.

Allen Edmonds vs Cole Haan

Allen Edmonds

Cole Haan

The brand is known for using premium quality leather for making shoes. The leather shoes have become a signature of Allen Edmonds among the men. For other ranges, also they pick high-quality material for making shoes. Cole Haan doesn’t use genuine leather in the making of its products which automatically reduces their price. Said that they use other forms of leather such as faux leather to make their shoes.
People like investing in this brand because the shoes are hand-stitched. Shoemakers stitch the leather to make it last longer and give it a premium built. People who like owning multiple pairs of shoes would invest in this brand. However, the shoes are not hand-stitched or hand-crafted.
The pricing of the shoes is on a steeper side, given its built and high-quality leather. Cole Haan shoes are in the affordable range along with some high-end collections that they have introduced.
Allen Edmonds is a reputed brand in men’s footwear and can be a one-time investment for someone looking to buy a pair of shoes that can last longer. As compared to Allen Edmonds, shoes from this brand are less sustainable.

Which one is a better option?

If you have to make a choice and have a good budget, then I would suggest you go with Allen Edmonds. Their shoes are sustainable and worth the extra bucks that the brand offers their collection. It is a trusted name and one can own a classic leather shoe pair from AE to wear occasionally. Said that they also have other range of shoes such as loafers, sneakers, boots, and much more in men’s footwear category. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to comparing brands, one can’t deny that both these brands have quite a different pricing. When it comes to quality, Allen Edmonds wins in that category, but a $400 pair of shoes cannot be compared to $120 pair of Cole Haan shoes. AE is a better investment given its premium quality, but again, the choice depends on your budget, purpose, and other criteria. I hope this blog gives you a clear idea about both the brands and which one you should opt for. 

Daniel Redmond

Hello Fellas! I am Daniel Redmond, a fashion blogger. Fashion is not only about the clothes and accessories you carry. Footwear also plays a major role in your look. Here I am sharing my reviews over different types of footwear and how to choose best according to your requirements. These articles will help you with a lot of information about your needs and help you achieve your fashion goals.

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