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Best Shoes for Shuffling: Top Rated Lightweight Dance Shoes in 2020

If dance is your hobby or passion, you must be well aware of the comfort needed for a dancer to give out the best performance. Everything the dancer wears decides his comfort level. One of the essential parts of it is a dancer’s shoes. Most of the dancers have their personal preferences when it comes to shoes. It needs to be durable and must have an extreme style to pose as the dancer in people’s views. Shoes are to dancer, what a pen is to a writer.

What Exactly is Shuffling or Shuffle Dance?

Shuffling is a type of performing art wherein you do heel-toe dancing. The Shuffle dancers are known for their elegance. It is a style of modern-day dance and can be done by everyone. It consists of quick movements of hands and legs while the feet keep bouncing on the ground simultaneously. It is basically moving your feet at the pace of the music. 

Why Choose the Best Vans for Shuffling?

This type of dance includes continuously tapping your feet on the ground. So it demands durable shoes in order to protect your feet from all the possible injuries and impacts. A right pair of shoes gives more grades of freedom to the forefoot area. The forefoot area should be more extensive and flexible, and not all shoes have it. It should also have cushioned material to give you comfort. There must be laces for the outer show. All this is not found in a regular pair of shoes, and so we need a special pair of shoes for shuffling.

Now, you must be looking forward to getting yourself a pair of dancing shoes, but how do you go about it? It is quite a task to get the best shoes for gliding after all the market avails you with ample choices. Here we are to answer your question, “Which shoes are the best for Shuffling?”

Best Shoes for Shuffling

1. SANYES USB Charging Light up Dance Sneakers


SANYES LED Shoes Dancing Sneakers comes with an innovative design. It consists of amazingly glowing and flashing LED lights. They not only light up your feet but also make you stand out on the dance floor. They are known for their durability and resistance to bending. Hence, they remain in shape for a good lot of rime.


  • It is available for men, women, and children.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes and many in-built LED lights.
  • These shoes are made of PU leather Rubber sole. The lining material is cotton fabric.
  • It comes with a USB charging cable. You can quickly charge it through any device. Once charged for 2 – 3 hours can provide 8 to 10 hours of lighting time.
  • There is a hidden switch in webbing, which changes the color of the lights with every press – Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Sky blue, Yellow, White, twinkling White, etc.
  • Press the switch for 12 times to turn the light off, or keep pressing for 3 seconds to turn off the power.


  • If the switch is accidentally damaged, the lights may not work up.
  • These dancing sneakers may not be suitable for all dance forms. 

2. Softance Fiber Optic LED Sneakers


Softance Fiber Optic LED Shoes is ideal for those who love stylish and trendy shoes. They are damn attractive and comfortable, thus making it suitable for dancing. Like a cherry on the top of a cake, LED lights to add up in creating a dancing environment. The LED lights can light up your feet and catch the attention of all eyes on you.


  • It is available for men and women both.
  • It is available in a variety of colors and has fabric sole. 
  • It has four different flash modes for different frequencies to choose from.
  • A hidden button on the heel strap allows you to turn the lights on-off as per convenience.
  • The feature of USB charging helps you charge the lights. 
  • Once charged, the lights work for 5 to 8 hours.
  • It is made up of lightweight and breathable fiber optic material.
  • These light-up shoes have 7 different colors – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple, and White.


  • This pair of shoes is not preferable for hours of walking.
  • They do not come with a charging cable, so you have to get one separately.

3. Odema Unisex Shuffle LED Sneakers


Odema Unisex Lightweight dance shoes are an excellent looking pair of shoes especially recommended for Shuffle dance. These shoes will suit the variety of dance moves that you are going to pull off on the dance floor. The best thing is that they are available for everyone, be it men, women, or kids. 


  • It has a rubber sole and comes with a 30-day quality guarantee.
  • It consists of multiple holes on the upper part, which makes it breathable and comfortable.
  • The EVA rubber sole keeps your walk steady and skid-proof.
  • It has a hidden switch in the hem. With each press, you get a different color light.
  • Both lace and hook and loop design make you fit into the shoes comfortably.
  • It is available in various sizes and comes with a cable for USB charging.


  • There can be changes in sizes, so refer to the size sheet that they have provided before ordering.
  • This pair of shoes may not withstand heavy use.

4. Gaorui New Women LED light Sneakers


Unlike some of the best brands of Shuffling dance shoes, Gaorui brings you the most durable shoes. This pair of shes will last and serve you for a long period. They are very flexible and hence enhances comfort. The shoes always provide an enjoyable light-up experience, all thanks to the LED lights.


  • The shoes are made up of synthetic leather and consist of the sole made of rubber.
  • It comes in fashionable design and with colorful lights.
  • The hidden switch enables you to change the color of the light with every click.
  • Asy to charge with a USB cable and lights last longer.
  • It is the sneakers for high top athletic shoe lovers.


  • It is not recommended for usage as running shoes.
  • This pair of shoes is not washable. However, you can use polish if needed.
  • Compare your foot measurements with the size chart before ordering as the size may vary.

5. New Balance Women’s shoes W750V1

W750V1 Running Shoe

If you are unable to find the definite answer to which shoes are the best for walking, running, and dancing, then your search has just ended. Many women users of New Balance women’s shoes totally fit their requirements, and they will never try any other brand when it comes to getting dancing shoes. These shoes are known for their durability. They are attractive and stylish, making it appropriate for shuffling.


  • It is 100 % synthetic and mesh.
  • It consists of a comfortable synthetic sole.
  • It has a sturdy and long-lasting outsole.
  • It features narrower heel and standard instep height.
  • It also has toe box depth and forefoot width.


  • It is only for women.
  • It is not recommended for rough field usage.
  • If not cared for properly, the tread will start peeling off.


Now that you have read the article, you know that there are certain things you should look for when you want to get the best shoes for dancing. They are:

  • Ensure that the dancing shoes are sturdy and durable.
  • For you to dance well, your moves should be pulled up well, and for that, you need a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly. 
  • Make sure you get the appropriate size fit. For shuffle dancing, you surely need a pair of shoes with various features, but the size will always be the most important factor.
  • Out of all the things it could be, comfort must be given a priority.
  • The purpose is to dance and so the shoes should be well decorated or should have a fashionable design.
  • For shuffling shoes with LED lights are eye-catching. So, try to consider those options that have different light modes to switch to.

Converse can be used for dancing if it fulfills the criteria mentioned above. However, we prefer to use the ones that are specially made for the purpose of dancing. 

Running shoes can be used for dancing as theta re also durable and comfortable. One such example is New Balance women’s shoe W750V1.

Are shoes with lights safe? Yes. 

Do they have batteries? Yes.

Can you charge them? Yes.

These are some of the best dancing footwear, and we are unable to choose one. But as a lot of people ask us which shoes are the best for Shuffling, we would love to recommend Softance Fiber Optic LED Sneakers. We hope that we were able to help you, and now you can choose the best shoes for shuffle dancing with the utmost ease. We hope you have a great dancing experience and rock the dance stage.

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